These tips and techniques will help you to improve the SEO of your site. These are 12 top SEO tricks that will boost your SEO rankings.

  1. Optimize Voice Search

The way we search has changed with the advent of voice-enabled technology such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It is estimated that 2 in 5 adults perform voice search at least once a day {Globally while Google claims 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice by 2020.|According to Google, 50% of all voice searches will be done by 2020. This is despite the fact that voice searches are performed by 2/5 adults globally.|Globally, 2 out 5 adults use voice search at least once per day. Google estimates that 50% of all searches will now be made by voice by 2020.|Google predicts that half of all global voice searches will be performed by 2020.|Google claims that by 2020, half of all searches worldwide will be voice-enabled. It's estimated that approximately 2/5 adults conduct voice search at minimum once per day.} Voice searches tend to be longer than keyboard search, they use conversational keyword phrases, and they are more likely to be asked as questions. 

Optimizing your website to make voice search a trend is sensible. Your SEO should use long-tail keyword phrases, create content in the form of faqs and how-tos, and optimize for local search.

  1. Optimized for Featured Snippets and Other Google SERP Features

It is imperative to optimise for changing Google search features such as the featured snippet {a summary of an answer to a user's query.|Optimizing for Google search features like the featured snippet, a summary of an answer to a query, is crucial.|Optimizing for Google's new features, such as the featured Snippet (a summary of a user's question) is essential.|Optimizing for Google Search features such as featured snippets (a summary answer to a query) is vital.|It is important to optimize for Google search features that are changing such as the featured snippet, which is a summary or answer to a user’s query.} 

A feature at the top of the SERPs for an answer box is valuable and can lead to increased organic traffic. Research suggests that long-tail keywords as well question-type queries and those that target informational intent tend to produce more "snippable content." It is possible to get lots of content ideas from studying the featured snippets and user query patterns for competitors. Focusing on the main points and using headers to break apart lists and steps helps you optimize for featured snippets.

  1. Website Speed

Page speed can impact website rankings. Search engines reward technical SEO investments to make websites faster and more intuitive. It also ensures better user experiences. Websites may be slow because of many factors such as heavy images and too many advertisements, incompatibility with different browsers, or non-responsiveness to mobile devices. For insight into website speed improvement, use tools such as webpage test, page speed insights, and Yslow.



Microformats, which are tiny HTML patterns, are a kind of structured markup. They provide search engines with information about the type of data or content you have, which leads to better organic listings and higher click-through rates. Google uses microformats, which are labels or tags, to show more content than the URL, title, and description. A rich snippet is a listing of shops that shows up when a search query is made. It includes information such as shop hours, address, ratings and reviews. For a searcher it is better to click on something richer and more complete than one lacking these additional pieces.

  1. Hire Best SEO Consultant Company in India SEO is about seamless user experiences. You must gain customers with intent and direct them to their desired information and destination as quickly as possible. Google rewards websites that are more helpful in guiding users to their destination and understanding their audience. Make sure your site is responsive, simple, easy to read, and user-friendly. Easy navigation and a well-structured site are both beneficial for users and search engine spiders. SEO and UX can be combined by using quality content, images optimization, appealing design and clear CTAs.
  2. Mobile Marketing is Big

It's time to include mobile use in your marketing strategy. It's important to optimize your efforts for mobile use, as a lot of people are accessing social networks and websites via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices can easily access your site and landing pages. Your mobile users shouldn't be turned away by slow loading pages. Mobile devices have a tendency to be less patient than desktop computers, so they encourage quicker loading and routing. When something slows down, users will quickly abandon the page and move on to other sites. If you want to make your mobile marketing more effective, consider all aspects.


  1. Social Media Offers a Way to Upgrade


Search engines will rank your social-media posts and accounts better due to recent updates in SEO search. Remember the new uses for SEO rating improvements when writing posts to post on these social networking websites. Write posts that are quality, keyword-rich, and attention-grabbing. These are the posts you will see most in search engines.

  1. They can do so much more than give us driving directions. They can help marketers find the best SEO ratings and target the leads they desire. It can help reach the leads you desire to improve your rankings depending on where you are marketing. It will also help identify the best keywords to improve your SEO in your local area. This can help increase your visibility on the internet and help you reach new customers.
  2. App Store Development

Hire app store optimization techniques 2021 Company In India app Store Optimization is an option to improve search engine results for businesses that have their own apps. Your SEO rankings will be improved if you work to improve your in-app functionality and make it more visible on the App Store. You must make your app standout, make it useful and attractive enough to users to download.


  1. Add Videos to Your Marketing Campaign

Videos can be a great tool to draw leads. However, search engines are more likely to pay attention to your videos if there are more of them on your site or on social media. Search Engine Rating Page considers the amount and types of content that have been posted to the site, as well as video content. The videos you post can make a significant impact on your SEO.

  1. Keep linking it up

Best link building services agency in India It's easy to lose track of some things, but SEO link building isn’t one of them. Link building remains as vital and important as ever. The key to SEO link building is to create quality partnerships and to not be distracted by the number of created links. One quality link will perform better than a dozen useless links. You should spend your time on links that are important.

  1. Content A Priority As Always

The cliche "content is king" is something we have all heard. The online marketing industry is changing rapidly, but there are certain things that have remained constant. Writing quality content will increase the visibility of your site online and improve your reputation. If your content is clear, informative and engaging, you will be able to draw the attention of potential leads and keep them around long enough for sales. Your content can make or ruin your SEO ratings. Your SEO rating will improve if you continue to produce quality content.